Aadhar Card Updates Compulsory | How To Updates Aadhar Card

Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB) SSUP Self Service Update Portal: Aadhaar Card is a very important document or an identity proof for every citizen of India. Many people take the presence of this Aadhar card very lightly, but there are some major

benefits that are associated with an Aadhar card. Thus, if there are any mistakes which are there in an Aadhaar card, it is very important that one gets it rectified as soon as possible, through the provision of Aadhaar Card Correction, which is a benefit provided by the government. Now, one may wonder how one can get such corrections done through the Aadhaar card correction / update form. We will come to it, but before that, it is extremely important that you know what an adhaar card and self service portal is and why it is so much needed.

Aadhar Card Updates Compulsory | How To Updates Aadhar Card
Aadhar Card Updates Compulsory | How To Updates Aadhar Card

Importance of Aadhaar Card Update: SSUP (Self Service Update Portal)
To update your address card you need to visit the self service update portal. This portal is also known as SSUP in short. The official website of ssup is ssup.uidai.gov.in. As we all know, nowadays the government is bringing up many instances where we have a link to other entities like our bank account, mobile number and many more. This not only reflects how important this card is, but it also shows that the card can also behave as a security gateway, another portal that features the feature of Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Online / Offline in order to make any kind. Changes or corrections in your Aadhaar card.

Let us take an example. Let us take the example of linking Aadhaar card to mobile number. Practically in our day to day life, it may not bring us any profit whatsoever, but it does bring a lot of profit to our nation as the elimination of many illegal SIM card users have already started. So, the importance here may not be individually based, but will definitely be nation based. Here you can check your Aadhaar Card Status and Download Aadhaar Card By Aadhar Number and Enrollment Number.

How to Make Aadhar Card Correction / SSUP Update?
If you come across certain situations where you find that your Aadhaar card contains some kind of mistakes, then you can obviously get it corrected. The same can be done using the feature, ssup aadhar update. Now, if we want to make some changes under certain circumstances, then the Aadhaar card correction or SSUP update form can be done in three ways. These three ways are:

SSUP Adadar card using online mode ssup update portal.
Aadhaar card correction via offline mode, that is, through post
Aadhaar card correction / Update via offline mode, that is, visiting the nearby authorized center for Aadhaar card

Let us now go through these three different ways of self service update portal SSUP individually in depth and how to go about the same. Here you can Apply for Aadhaar Card Registration Online / Offline.

Application Fee for Aadhaar Card Correction on self service update portal
Ideally, there is no amount of money that has been assigned as an "application fee" for the Aadhaar card update on the self service update portal. This directly means that you can get your Aadhaar card correction and get your Aadhaar card updated for free of cost or no charge. But, if you are looking forward to visiting some nearby authorized center for getting your Aadhaar card updated, then with every visit, you have to pay an amount of Rs.25 / - almost every time.

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