All information about MA Vatsalya CardAll information about MA Vatsalya Card

Majority of the income of families and middle-class families living below the poverty line is spent on serious diseases and treatments. To this end, the state government has introduced the Chief Minister Amritam (Ma) Yojana and the Chief Minister Vatsalya Yojana. These plans can be helpful to you. Then know all the information about my card and my card. How and where as well as who can benefit fromCriteria of eligibility of the beneficiary of the scheme

All information about MA Vatsalya CardAll information about MA Vatsalya Card
All information about MA Vatsalya CardAll information about MA Vatsalya Card

The scheme has been implemented in rural and urban areas of all the districts of the state (Municipal area, Municipal area and Notified area) and the families living under the poverty line registered under the Urban Development Department (up to maximum).
As well as under the current Vatsalya scheme, “Annual Rs. All women and children below the age of six years will be benefited by all the women belonging to the lower middle class families with less than 1.5 lakh income.

Assistance / benefit under the scheme
Under this scheme, intensive treatment of heart and kidney burns can provide up to a maximum of Rs. 1, 2 / - per year (Rs. Two lakhs) per family for serious ailments like burns cancer serious injuries and diseases of infants.

Method to avail of the scheme
Under the scheme, intensive treatment of brain and kidney burns cancer burns fixed treatment packages for serious ailments such as serious injuries and diseases of infants. Accordingly, the beneficiary in the contract hospital is eligible for treatment.

Where will the benefits of the scheme come from?
As per the checklist prescribed under this scheme, contracts have been made to the government / grant-making institutions / private hospitals. Benefits of treatment are provided to the beneficiary in this contract hospital.

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Chief Minister Smt. Anandibahan Patel has saved the life of the Chief Minister Relief Fund by providing Rs. 8 crore for the treatment of kidney, cancer, heart and liver diseases. Ever since Mrs Anandibhene took over as the first woman Chief Minister of the state in May, she has been providing generous support from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund with a touch of humane sensitivity for the treatment of such serious diseases. The Chief Minister has recently allocated Rs. 7 lakh to seven poor patients of this disease. The Chief Minister has sanctioned the assistance of 1.2 lakh from the Relief Fund. The state government has also managed to diagnose the most serious diseases without having access to health services in the state.

The Chief Minister has given Rs. 4 crore to the patients of middle class families under the Chief Minister Amritam Ma Ma Vatsalyam Yojana. 8.5 million cash lace treatment has been provided. With the 'Ma Vatsalyam Yojana', the Chief Minister, Amritam under the 'Maoji' scheme, on August 3, 2015 will get Rs. The government has provided treatment worth Rs 1.8 crore

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