Do you know of the government?  About the Sukanya Prosperity Plan and its benefits

The scheme has been released by the Government of India under the 'Betty Padhao' Betty Bachao scheme, so let's get a brief on who can benefit from these schemes and how to avail them.

Purpose - The scheme is intended to honor the birth of a child. This plan has been implemented through Betty Bachao, Betty Education through the post department for the smooth implementation of the ambitious plan.

Who can avail of the scheme?

The parents of the child can take advantage of the scheme, if the child is an orphan and can open a legal guardian account. To avail of this scheme, parents can open an account with 1000 amount in post office within ten years after childbirth.

Benefits of the scheme

Under this scheme, child legal or natural guardians can deposit up to Rs 1000 to Rs 1,50,000 annually. There is no limit to the amount of installment. The scheme offers higher interest rates than any other scheme. Only one account can be opened for a child. The scheme also provides tax relief benefit from income tax under 80C. The scheme also provides for fifty percent withdrawal after the child is 18 years of age. Account can be closed after 21 years of age.

The Sukanya Enrichment Scheme has fixed a 9.1 percent interest rate for the year 2014-2015. Which will change every year as per the rules of the Central Government. The specialty of the scheme is that after the opening of the account under the scheme, the money will have to be paid for 14 years after the opening of the account. The percentage can be deducted.

Benefits of How to Plan

To avail the scheme, it is necessary to contact the nearest post office or nationalized bank and open a bride's account, child birth certificate to open the account,

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