This easy way to run lizard from home

Diwali season is approaching. At this point you may have even started cleaning. Along with cleaning, these tips will help you if you are also looking for a litter replacement. With this small use you can easily remove lizards from your home. Know what kind of home appliances are used and how to use them.

આ સરળ રીત થી ભગાડો ઘર માંથી ગરોળી
આ સરળ રીત થી ભગાડો ઘર માંથી ગરોળી 

 Many people are scared when lizards come into the house. The appearance of this lizard just fills you with something extraordinary. If you still can't get rid of lizards after several spray uses, you can try littering from home by trying these 10 simple and easy ways. The items mentioned here are easy to find in your home. So now, try and quickly try any of these remedies and run away lizard.

Do not throw the egg on top. The lizard is often out of its smell. Keep it on doors or windows. The lizard will not come from this place.

Garlic smellers do not like lizards. Sprinkle the garlic juice over the windows and doors of the house. The lizard will not come.

Make small tablets by mixing coffee powder and tobacco. Keep them in different corners of the house by trapping them in a toothpick.

Mix pepper powder in water. Spray the spray in areas where there are excess lizards. The lizards will escape with his smile.

Naphthalene pills do not like the smell of lizards. You can even keep it in the closet. The lizard will not go into the closet.

Keep an onion slice in every corner of the house. Apart from this you can also use an onion juice spray. The odor of the lizard could not bear it.
Spray cold water where lizards appear. Doing this remedy for a few days will stop the lizard from coming.

Keep the peacock at home. Keeping it on the wall or in the pot enhances the beauty of the home, brings prosperity and also keeps the lizards away.

ગુજરાતી માં જાણકરી માટે અહીંયા  ક્લિક કરો 

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