If Pancard is lost, please apply at home this way Sumber

For any financial transaction, a PAN card is required at any level today. You can also use it as a credentials in many places. If you forget the PAN card somewhere, you will easily get a PAN card. You do not need to go anywhere to get a PAN card. You can apply for a new Pancard at home in just 10 steps. First of all you have to go to the Income Tax page service unit website. For this you need to click on https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/. -You click and the homepage opens immediately. Here you will find three options. In the first option here you can apply for a new PAN card. If you are a foreign

national then another option is for them. While the third option is for those who want to change their details in the PAN card. -You must choose the option to create a new PAN card. After that the required details have to be given. You will need to fill in some important details besides your name. Here you have to fill the 49A form. Once the details have been filled in the form, submit it. You will come up with an integration number. Save this number and delete one of its prints. - Now the address proof and identification card along with the acknowledgment receipt will also be sent to the taxpayers and the income tax department. Keep in mind that the details you have filled out in the Enrollment Form should be matched with your address proof and identification card. - Add two photos to the

 Recognition Receipt and sign where necessary. - You will also have to pay a charge of Rs. 96 for the new PAN card. You can also pay by check, demand draft, credit or debit card through NetBanking. This feature will be available only if the communication address is in the country. If your address is abroad then you have to pay Rs 962. -After payment, you will get an acknowledgment receipt. Also attach this receipt with the enclosure given to you earlier. All the documents must be sent to the NSDL based in Pune within 15 days. Envelope should say 'Application for Pan-Acknowledgment Number'. NSDL will process the application upon receipt of your payment.

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