It is very important to know this important information about 'great' thunderstorms

Gujarat is at risk of 'great' thunderstorms. The storm is then 720 km away in the sea. It is likely to slow down before it reaches Gujarat. Hurricanes can cause heavy to heavy rains in Saurashtra and Gujarat. The weather alert predicted the weather department. Heavy rains will occur throughout the state on November 6 and 7. The districts of Saurashtra, South Gujarat will be affected. Fight against these hurricanes

How prepared is Gujarat?
Preparation before a hurricane
What to do and what not to do during a hurricane?
What to do after a hurricane
According to Jayant Sarkar, director of the Meteorological Department, a severe thunderstorm will collide between Diu and Porbandar in the morning of November 7. During this storm, winds will be 70-80 km / h. As well as potential impacts, coastal areas have been alerted. It has also been suggested to relocate people to sensitive areas.

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It is important that all preparations have been completed by the system regarding these hurricanes but how much is the people of Gujarat themselves prepared? Know when to prepare for hurricanes? What to do and what not to do during a hurricane? What to do after a hurricane ...

Ensure the strength of the housing and remove construction related damage. Don't live in a dilapidated house.
Keep listening for news and alerts constantly.
Keep your radio set up to date, check.
Strive to be in constant touch with local authorities and offices.
Take things off the shelves and put them in a safe place.
Avoid thin, electric wires, pillars.
Turn off the gas bottle.
Keep the cattle separated from the pegs.
Fishermen should not sail the boat, anchor the boat in a safe place.
Agarians move to a safe place.
Keep in mind the high places you can resort to. See the shelter locations determined by the district administrative system.
Keep with dry snacks, water, blankets, clothes and a first aid kit.
Keep important telephone numbers handy.
Keep the mobile charged.
Farmers should avoid the use of pesticides and fertilizers.
What to do and what not to do during a hurricane?

Don't take shelter under a dilapidated building or tree and give this understanding to others.
Keep up with the news on the radio and follow the instructions of the government official account on social media.
Do not venture out in time of hurricane.
Rail travel or sea travel is not desirable during hurricanes.
Advice to disconnect electricity flow and gas connection.
Do not stand near the sea, under trees, or near lightning poles or lines.
Advise on avoiding thunderstorms.
To prevent fishermen from sailing and to keep boats in a safe place.
Telling aggressors to resort to a safe place to leave agro.
Incorrect or incomplete information means prevent rumors, follow the basic instructions.
After-storm operations

Seek help from fire brigade, police, municipal controlroom and all officers for rescue operations.
Immediately survey the damages and report the estimated damages to the State Government. And be in constant touch for help.
Helping victims, rescuing, taking them to a safe place.
It is important to arrange for first aid to be available immediately.
Immediate departure of Nodal Officers on their routes and seek the help of officers from other departments.
Providing instructions for fishermen not to travel by sea.
Follow the forecasts from the Weather Department of the Government of India and stay in touch.
Provide necessary assistance to the affected.

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