online correction in voter identity card 2019

With 900 million eligible voters, India is definitely the largest democracy in the world. 2019, is a crucial year for our democratic nation given that the most important democratic election is going to be held soon. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to cast our votes and elect the most qualified political party to govern the country. To cast a vote, we need a Voter ID card also known as Elector's Photo ID card.

online correction in voter identity card 2019
online correction in voter identity card 2019

The voter ID card indicates that you are an Indian citizen above the age of 18 in the electoral rolls, a list of people eligible to cast their vote. The voter ID card also helps regulate fraud and streamline the voting process, an important step due to the huge demographics of countries. Registration for a voter ID card is an easy process that can be done online.

Steps for Voter ID card registration
Documents required for Voter ID online registration
Mistakes to Avoid While Registration of Voter ID online
1. Steps for Voter ID card registration
Voter ID online registration for resident citizens:


Click on Apply Online for Registration of a New Voter; This will redirect you to Form 6.
Select your State and your Assembly / Parliamentary Constituency.

Enter your details that include:
Age and Date of Birth
Details of family members who are already enrolled.
voter 3
Any field marked red is a mandatory field and it must be filled in.

You can then upload supporting documents:

Enter your place and date of filling in the form.
You can save your filled form and continue at a later time. If you have completed your form, you can click on Submit.
Post Submission Procedure

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) will post your form on their notice board inviting any objections. In this case there is an objection it needs to be made in a week time. Post this period your name will be added to the electoral roll.
If someone does object the ERO will hold a hearing in which both the applicant and the objector may present their case.

Your inclusion of Confirmation in the Electoral roll will be sent via SMS to the registered number or by post.
Electoral rolls can be viewed on the state's Chief Electoral Officer's website.
2. Documents required for Voter ID online registration
Address Proof:
Utility Bills
Latest bank statement
PAN Card
Passport copy
Driving License
Government-issued service card
Public sector bank passbook
Rental / Lease Agreement or Property Document with deed and photograph
Arm's License
SC / ST / OBC official document
Railway Identity card
Student Identity Card
Document for Physical Handicap
Freedom fighter identity card
Pension Document etc.
Proof of Age:
SSLC Certificate
Birth Certificate
Driving License
Any other suitable document that specifies your age.
Two recent passport sized photographs:
This photo would appear on the Elector's Photo Identity Card. The photo should be taken at least six months before submission.
3. Mistakes to Avoid While Registration of Voter ID online

A few things to watch out for while voter ID card online registration, are -

Do you have any questions about tax or
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Ensure that you are using the correct form to register for a voter ID:
Form 6- for first-time voters
Form 7 - To object to an application for inclusion on the electoral roll
Form 8 - Details of an existing voter ID for correction
The same constituency within a Form 8-A-changing address
You need to make sure all the supporting documents are submitted along with your registration to make sure all the details provided by you are correct.
While filling out the form, you need to make sure all the details are error-free. If any such error occurs, the same will be reflected on your voter ID. Always double check the information you fill in the form for spelling errors or any other errors.

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