RBI announces list of 30 major bank defaulters who pay Rs 50,000 crore

On the one hand there is a growing list of defaulters, on the other the loan 'Kherat' is increasing
11 thousand companies have 1.61 lakh crore outstanding The Reserve Bank has released a list of bank defaulters after 4 years of the Supreme Court's order. These are all willful defaulters, who knowingly do not return to Banklon. Some of them have left the country and fled. In response to the RTI in May-2019, the Reserve Bank has listed 30 major bank defaulters as of April 30, 2019. A total

of more than Rs 50,000 crore is yet to be recovered from him. It also names companies of runaway diamond businessman Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi. Mehul's Gitanjali speaks of 5044 crore from James while the remaining amount of Rs 869 crore from Diamond Power of Vadodara. Other defaulters include Rotomac Global, Deccan Chronicle, Winsom Diamond, Siddhivinayak Logistics, REI Agro, ABG Shipyard, Ruchisoya, etc.

In October, government banks gave loans of 2.52 lakh crore
New Delhi | Public sector banks have provided a record 2.52 lakh crore loans in October, the finance ministry said. This includes a new loan of 1.05 lakh crore. While Rs 46,800 crore was paid for working capital.

11 thousand companies have 1.61 lakh crore outstanding
According to Sybil's data, as of December 2018, 11,000 companies have a total balance of Rs 1.61 lakh crore. The list of willful defaulters announced by the RBI from the centralized banking system database.

Total loan disbursement reached Rs 98.47 lakh crore
The total loan disbursement of banks increased by 8.07 per cent in the fortnight ended November 8, to Rs 98.47 lakh crore annually. According to the data released by the Reserve Bank, the ratio was 91.11 lakh crore during the same period last year. During the fortnight ended October 25, banks' loan disbursements increased by 8.90 percent year-on-year to Rs 98.39 lakh crore.

Willful Defaulters
Defaulter Name Amount (Rs. In Crores)
Gitanjali James 5044
REI Agro 4197
Winsom Diamond 3386
Ruchisoya 3225
Rotomac Global 2844
Kingfisher Air 2488
Kudos to Kimi. 2326
Zoom Developer 2024
Deccan Chronicle 1951
ABG Shipyard 1875
Forever Jewelry 1718
Surya Vinayak 1628
Esqumar Nationwide 1581
Gili India 1447
Siddhivinayaka 1349
VMC System 1314
Gupta Call 1235
Star brand 1148
Indian techno. 1091
Shri Ganesh Jewelery 1085
Jain Infra. 1076
Surya Pharma 1065
Nakoda 1028
KS Oil 1026
Coastal Project 984
HongToy 949
First Leasing 929
Concast Steel 888
Action steel 888
Diamond Power 869

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