This type of email can be opened by your bank account without opening it by mistake

The Internet has many benefits and many disadvantages. The same is true of email. Email has now become our need and we check it daily. Email is like a soft target for hackers and frauds. Phishing is very common and thus becomes a big fraud with users.

There are several precautions you need to take when accessing email. Your bank account may also be emptied by email  So if Gmail offers many options for avoiding phishing,

 But every day new viruses are created and you are targeted. Now if you use email, you will not open these 3 types of emails. Because you can be a victim of Fraud right after you open an email
There will be many of you who already know about this type of fraud. But, for those who don't know, these tips are a lot of work

Virus Attack on your device, phone or computer

Your computer is infected - don't trust this type of message at all. Because, even if your computer is infected with a virus, no company does this kind of email. So you don't accidentally open this type of email. If it has an attachment, don't even click it and delete it by reporting it directly to Spam.
Prize Winning Email This is the kind of email you need to be aware of. Often, even though you do not want to, just open such an email, so that you can understand what is written in it. You can be sure of one thing that some kind of reward will not come to your email
 You will receive an e-mail containing the subject line. Delete this type of email and report spam.

This is a very serious issue. Your account is in the bank, the same bank has created the same email id and the fraudsters email you This type of email contains your data. Your name, phone number and some basic information associated with the bank. This type of email is called to confirm the details. Never do that. As such, fraudsters usually click on the wrong link and follow up on the wrong link and when information is confirmed, it can tear up your bank account.

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