Do you also place your phone charged everywhere you go? Your account may be cleared

Now people are becoming so dependent on mobile that if their phones are suddenly discharged, they start to feel that they will be in big trouble. In this case, people immediately start looking for charging points. However, beware of doing so. You need to be careful before charging your mobile at the airport, train or even hotel. Because by doing so your

All the information contained in the mobiles can be reached by hackers. Get every important news now on Telegram, Click to subscribe to our channel. Twice before charging, the largest State Bank of India (SBI) has instructed the public about charging phones at charging stations. The bank advised its customers that

You should think before charging your phone at charging stations. Because malware can make an impact to their phones and clean up their account in a moment. Because the data and password immediately reach the hackers. Your theft may be stolen. SBI tweeted or think twice before charging your phone at the charging stations. Malware can be a tool for hackers to access all information and passwords by accessing your phone.

The State Bank of India Bank advised people not to charge their phones at free phone charging stations. Because malware can penetrate into their phones. The bank cautioned that juice hacking can clean up the rupees contained in your account and you may become impoverished. What is juice jacking? Juice jacking is a cyber attack. Charging

Is done by port. This charging port is also used by USB as a data connection. So that the data is copied by inserting malware into the phone. Electrical behind the charging station

Pay attention to the socket.2. Keep your charging cable with you. Charge from electrical outlets only.4. You can also have a good company's power bank with you. Thus, keep your smartphone data safe from SBI tips. Because it can be cleared of malware payment data, credentials and bank accounts. ",

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