Even if you pick up the phone, the charge will still

Mobile service companies have introduced new tariff rates. Because of this, the cost of consumers will increase by one and a half. Companies have given the biggest jolt to the incoming call.

Where customers will be charged 6 paise per minute when making calls to another network under Fair Use Policy (FUP). Experts say that this is just the beginning and now in the next two or three months the free incoming call time will be completely cleared. Voda Idea and Airtel have also launched FUP when they started collecting money per minute.

Benefits will be live customers
Telecom experts say that when Jio announces its new tariffs on December 6, it can provide more relief to customers than its rivals. The company had earlier also said that we will provide 20 percent cheaper tariffs than other companies, while services will increase 300 percent.

Apart from this, Jio has the largest number of customers, but 90 percent of its customers are prepaid, so that the company can make a big profit by raising lower fees. At the same time, 30 percent of Voda Idea and Airtel's total customers are postpaid, and the company has not increased this segment.

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