How to Make Money from Facebook

Many times people ask why make money or even search from facebook why it is right to think of making money from facebook as facebook network is very large and everyday people are talking about and using facebook. If you think that this really means making money, then the answer is yes. We have also made money from facebook and if you can, today I will show you how to make money.

How to Make Money from Facebook
How to Make Money from Facebook 

So to make money from facebook you have to have a facebook page which we learned in agav's post how to create facebook page,

And if created then learn from our post in this post. Why create a page in Facebook?

All of these things are very important if you are looking to make money from Facebook

1 - Install Android Phone with Facebook App (Android Phone) -

To run Facebook, it's important to have a smartphone that is now available to everyone.

2 - Internet data

To run Facebook on mobile, you need to have internet or net data pack, then you can run Facebook

3 - Facebook ID or Facebook account

Without a Facebook ID, you cannot log into your Facebook account, so to earn money you need a Facebook ID.

4 - Facebook Page and Facebook Group

The most important thing about making money from Facebook is that the Facebook Page and the Facebook Group (Facebook Page / Facebook Group) are the most important things in this section.

If you don't have a Facebook page, you can't make money this way, it's important to have a Facebook page, which is good for at least 10000 likes, so this is good news for people whose page has millions of likers.

Although there are many ways to make money from Facebook but today you will tell everyone how to make money from Facebook page and make money from Facebook page, desipearl website will teach you the best way to make money from this.

Why make money from DESIPEARL

1 - First, to make money from Facebook, you must have an account on desipearl. If you want to make money from Facebook, then sign up for Dispearl and create your account.
Click here to create an account .. click here

This page will open as you click
% 25E0% 25AA% 25A6% 25E0% 25AB% 2587% 25E0% 25AA% 25B8% 25E0% 25AB% 2580
In which you will select your name, email id, mobile number, select the language, select the type, then fill in the URL of the Facebook page and leave all the other options without a referral code. Then finally give me a sign on the general consent and thus the Dispersal account is ready for your Facebook earnings (Note - Fill out all the information correctly)

2 - After this you have to wait for Dispersal approval mail for 1 or 2 days after the account is confirmed, your email will be reported by mail.

3 - Then, after approving the account at desipearl, fill in your bank account details. After giving all the information, your account will be fully activated after some time.

4 - After this, you can login to Desipearl and share the link with social promo option from your Facebook page, group.

5 - When someone clicks on the desipearl link, your income means that you will get paid for each click, details of which you can see from the Report options in your Decipher account.

To make money from Facebook, be careful of these things too.

1- When you share a link on Facebook, keep in mind that you do not often share the same link as you can ban through facebook. I advise you to use another id which you do not use daily. It doesn't matter if it is or is banned.

2 - Create a link sharing routine for better revenue, this time share the link that will tell you about your new link.

It's funny information, so with the entertainment of Facebook you can make money, what do you look forward to starting today and if you have any information or problem, ask us in the comment box..Share this post and this Keep visiting the site and know that there are many other ways to make money from facebook ...

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