These mosquitoes will protect you from dengue, illness

Mosquito bites are believed to make a person sick. Particularly a disease like dengue is caused by mosquito bites. These mosquito bites also endanger a person's life. But recently an international researcher team made a shocking revelation. He says dengue infections are rapidly declining in several communities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and Australia. The team says this is because of the specially born mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are prepared in the laboratory.

These mosquitoes will protect you from dengue, illness
These mosquitoes will protect you from dengue, illness

After testing these mosquitoes it was found that they prevent the spread of dengue and other viruses. These mosquitoes have special bacteria. These bacteria are present in organisms but are harmful to humans. The first indication of the success of this test was found in Australia. Mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria were released in 2011 in the northern Queensland area. Gradually these mosquitoes became infected with the local population.

Dengue spread occurs when a mosquito bites a victim and then bites another. This process prevents the Wolbachia bacteria. Simmons says the transition to communities at the local level in North Queensland is almost complete.

However, its true origins will now take place in Asia and Latin America. Dengue is spreading alarmingly here. Many people have lost their lives due to this and millions of people are suffering from it. According to a report, these mosquitoes were released in Indonesian communities in 2016 and so far the dengue fever case has dropped by 76 percent.

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