Do this if you want to increase the storage of smart phones

RAM and storage play a huge role in every phone. You may have noticed that sometimes when it is time to click a photo or make a video or download something, the phone gets an alert for low storage. You can't download anything or click a photo because of low storage. We have come up with many ways for you to do so. With which you can increase the storage of the phone.

- To eliminate the problem of storage of smartphone, it can be created by deleting files from computer and deleting space. But sometimes you need to reduce storage immediately and not always have to have a computer available. The first thing you need to do is look at what apps have the most space on your phone.

- If you have an Android smartphone, you can clear the cache in those settings. This will increase the storage of the phone. You can delete non-working apps. By doing so you can increase the storage.

- If you are an iPhone user, go to Settings and click on General and click on Badal Storage and iCloud Storage. Now go to Main Storage. Here the storage and division of the phone will be displayed. From here you can remove files that are not working by looking at them.

- Sometimes our phones contain many old messages and lazy photos. Which we cannot delete which you can delete from the phone.

- Sometimes we even download files attached to e-mails. Which is saved in the phone itself. This also takes up a lot of space in the phone. So that it should be deleted as well.

- If you find that you have deleted every idle item from the phone and the storage is not increasing, then it is better to save the photo, video and other work items in the phone to cloud storage. Cloud storage is the best option for archiving any data.

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