These spices will remove colds, coughs, gas, indigestion

Vegetables are used as a shelter in every home. Eating vegetables removes bad odor from mouth and improves taste. Apart from this, greenery also benefits the body. Variyali is called the king of spices.

The intake of greenery causes the removal of minor diseases from the body. Tell you how to use a greenery.

To alleviate stomach problems, take a green powder PC and incubate it with water every morning. This eliminates the problem of constipation, acidity. If appetite is high and over-feeding, add green powder to yogurt thrice a day.

If there is a problem of indigestion, boil the green in water. Drink this water when it is cold. In summer, the PC is made to lap and apply it on the head to remove heat from the body.

On the contrary, green is an excellent medicine for those who have nausea. For this, add green leaf juice to the patient.

In addition to daily cooking you can use veggies.

If you want to eliminate the frequent colds, make a bowl of green and cloves.

Those who have a habit of smoking should also consume vitamins. Adding ghee to the greenery eliminates the urge to smoke.

Add green and sugar in equal amounts. Make this powder and consume it daily in the morning and at night. This powder increases memory.

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