Why Army Kill His Dog After Retirement

When it comes to loyalty, we all know that everyone will name dogs.  Because, even if the tongue is not able to speak, the dog never leaves its owner.

But if the same faithful were the cause of your trouble, what would you do at that time?  Yes, today we are talking about the Indian Army.  Show you that when a dog retires in the Indian Army, he is shot and killed by the people of the army. Don't be afraid, there is a big reason for doing so.  So today we will show you the reason behind the Indian Army.

 Finally, why Kill to retire dogs?

 The person was asked by the RTI to respond to the dogs' death after retirement.  It was then learned that there was a caution behind this.  The Army believes that after retirement, the dog may not find anyone who can harm the country.  In fact, dogs also know every secret location of the Army.

 There is another reason behind this

 In addition, the Army has also shown that if a dog becomes ill, it is well treated.  However, even if the dog does not recover afterwards, it is killed.

 One year is up

 You must know that even though dogs are awkward, there are lives inside them.  The army has so much funds that it can take good care of the dog.  Because, these dogs also work for the country.

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