If this girl has a waist or a cloth, you will not know about this art

It is said that there are more than one artist in the world. Many artists show such strange English acts that every person watching looks to press a finger under his teeth or speak about how he might have done it. Today, we are going to tell you about a makeup artist like this. Mirjana Keeka made a stunning English performance and everyone who watched it was stunned.

Usually girls are very aware of their waistline. For this, she takes special care of dieting and exercise. But have you ever seen a girl with such a thin waist to get a lump in her? It may not even be possible to imagine this, but a makeup artist living in Serbia has shown this to be amazing.

Serbian make-up artist Mirzana Keeka made an art on her stomach with the force of her talent which looks like a lump in her waist. Mirzana has also won an Oscar title at the Serbian Film Festival.

Mirjana has been fond of petting since childhood and has made this same hobby his career and became famous for face painting, body painting, skin illusion and makeup. Truly, his workmanship is a compliment.

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