The husband was a foreigner and got his wife that will fly away your lips

A woman from Bhagalpur in Bihar says, 'The husband used to come to my dreams every day because she got pregnant'. It is also worth mentioning here that a woman from Jagdishpur police station met DIG Vikas Vaibhav of Bhagalpur zone on Saturday and informed that her brother had been living in Kolkata for the last six months and her sister-in-law was pregnant here. How is this possible? The woman has told DIG Development Luxury to perform the DNA test of her unborn baby.

The woman said that her older brother was married six years ago. He also has a daughter of 7 years. Six months ago his brother went to Kolkata to earn a living. When he returned home, he found out that his wife was six months pregnant.

Family members are not ready to have her when she finds out she is pregnant. The woman's sister-in-law has alleged that after knowing everything, her sister-in-law threatened the family members to allow her to stay in the house, otherwise, she would mislead all the family members. According to more reports in the media, the housemates were not ready to keep the woman in the house.

Then a panchayat was set up in the village. During this time, when the woman was asked who had a baby in her womb, she stated that the baby belonged to her husband. In addition, she argued that 'her husband used to get pregnant every day because she was pregnant with her husband.' There was immoral sexual relations between this man and woman. And the baby that is born in the womb of this woman also belongs to the young man.

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