These 4 actresses have fallen in love with Jeth-Deer, number 3 is the most beautiful

In acting, everyone has to play the character according to his own work. Whether he likes the character or not. Real-life artists working on the screen can do anything about each other, but the world sees it as a curtain relation.

When two artists work on the screen, their relationship becomes famous all over the world, and no one has anything to do with the relationship they have behind the scenes. But we're going to tell you about the personal life relationships of a few artists.

The accompanying artist on the TV screen sometimes plays a sibling role on the screen, sometimes dear or older, but behind the scenes, he can be a good friend or a couple as well. The lives of the actors are quite different from the scenes, and the reason is that the artist who plays the character of the brother in the TV screen gets married in real life. Today we are going to tell you about the actresses who have married their onscreen Jeth-Deer. So let's know who the artist is in this link.

Yash Tonk and Gauri Yadav:

Famous stars Yash Tonk and Gauri Yadav fell in love with each other on the serial set in the TV industry. Both of them worked together someday in the serial and in this serial, Yash Tonk played the role of Gauri Yadav's brother. But behind the scenes, both were loving and his love story was discussed everywhere.

Avinash Sachdev and Shamli Desai:

Avinash Sachdev and Shamlee Desai are one of the great TV stars. In the serial 'Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du-2', Avinash Sachdev plays the role of Shamli Desai. And behind the scenes they were very much in love with each other. Let's say they both got married in 1, and are now living a happy life. The love story of both of them was so intimate that the director felt that the impact would not be felt on the show.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya:

Divyanka Tripathi, who made her home at home with the serial 'Yeh Hai Mohabbate', is a strong actress in the TV industry. Let us say that Vivek Dahiya played the role of Divyanka's heart in this serial. But after a while he left the show. On the set of the show, both of them fell in love with each other, and during the one-year dating, they both decided to get married and get married. Today both are living their lives like a happy couple.

Vivien DeSena and Wahbij Dorabji:

Vivian DeSena and Wahbiz Dorabji worked together in 'Ek Saath Pyaar Ki Ek Ek Kahani' and the love between the set started. There was a brotherly and dear relationship between the two. The love of both was discussed throughout the industry and it is believed that both can get married.

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