Ever wondered why God created woman for a man? Learn the interesting secret behind it

I welcome you to this article and today I have brought you a new article in which I am going to talk about the creation of a woman today and each of our articles will be very necessary for you as well as you will get knowledge from our article. Will find very useful as well as knowledge to understand.

Speaking then we all know that this world is considered incomplete without man and woman and also this lawn is really true and both these characters are very elaborately created by God and there is a lot behind the creation of female character. The secret is hidden.

The strangest person in the world, if any, is a woman and woman is highly regarded in Hinduism and many people say that it is not the job of an ordinary person to understand and persuade a woman.

At the same time it is said that even God Himself could not know this character and then people say that if a woman comes to her existence then this existence is the whole world on one side and the woman on the other side. Such a situation arises and if it is said in the same way in which it is believed that only a man who can know and understand a woman can understand this as well as only these people can understand this.

It is also said that in which God created the female race very leisurely and also it is found that in these Hindu mythological texts it is mentioned that in which Lord Brahma created the entire creation in just one day. But then it is said that it took more than seven days when Brahmaji was creating the woman but when this was happening his creation was still incomplete and then when he finally waited.

The angel, tired of waiting, finally asked God if God had created the whole universe in the blink of an eye, and then when he explained why it was taking so long to create a woman.

There are a lot of such incidents that happen but this is something different but then God told me that this is my most unique and wonderful creation so far that many people are not aware of as well as this is my creation that is resilient in the most difficult of situations. Living and working in such a time can keep everyone happy in any situation and in which it is said to give love not only to one's own children but to the whole family together and this composition has the power to handle difficult situations. .

Often such a force also works and this is capable of doing many things at once and in the same way with its affection and caress can heal the smallest wound from the smallest wound and then who can heal this wound as well as the world behind this creation. Every man is said to be captivated.

Then it is also said that Brahmaji further mentions the creation of woman in which it is said that she gets tired and yet she can do this work and where she can take care of herself even though she is sick and He doesn't even need anyone's advice or help.

Just then he came and the angel was astonished to hear all this and then asked in amazement whether it was possible to do all this with two hands or then it could not be said and on it God said that Let's not forget that this creation is also said to be the most wonderful and best creation ever and in which nothing is said to be impossible for it.

In the same way it is said that in which the angels who heard this became more enthusiastic and in which he went to the creation and touched it and in which the angel spoke as soon as he touched it where God said that this is very delicate. .

Then where God speaks where this creation not only looks delicate in appearance but I have seen that it is full of infinite patience and adventure and in which he heard so much the angel was lost in the incomparable creation of woman and in which to watch that creation with unity, enthusiasm Are believed to have been exposed.

When this happens it is amazing and that's when the angel saw something wet on the woman's face and that's when the angel curiously asked God if the cheeks of this creature seemed to be wet and something was flowing from his eye It seems so but only then did God respond that it was reported that it was his tears and in which his greatest strength was hidden and then against whom even the stone is believed to melt and where these tears are the love of a woman It also becomes a means of showing off and overcoming loneliness and then when he is sad he cries and gets sad but when he is happy he cries more which is due to something different.

In which it was said that after hearing this statement of God and then the angel asked another question and in which a woman can also think about sex and also on it God said that yes woman can also think like this and then when needed she is strong They also face it.

Then the angel heard so much

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