Here you will find a woman of all ages, the most expensive woman of all ages to be sold.

Usually we go to the market to buy our necessities. You can imagine that married women are also sold in the market.

One place in Bulgaria is Stara Jagor where a Bride Market is held once every three years. Anyone can buy a bride of their choice at this wedding. In this market any groom can buy the bride of his choice and make her his wife which is perfectly valid.

The market is made up of poor families whose economic conditions are not such that they can get their daughter married so they do so. The brides sold include girls and women of almost all ages.

No one outside the community can buy a bride. There are only families in the market who are financially weak to marry their daughters. These girls do not come to the market alone. They definitely have a family member with them when the matter is decided. It's like a rule that he has to consider his family as his wife if he likes.

This rule is also strictly followed. This market is established by the Kalidzi community of Bulgaria. No outsider can buy a bride except the community.

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