In this country girls are sold openly, then such work is done with them.

In India, weddings are performed with much fanfare. It is believed that marriage is not for one birth but for seven births. By making seven promises in this bond, husband and wife promise to respect and support each other. Apart from this today we are going to tell you about a country where Underage girls are sold in open markets.

The name of this country is Bulgaria. This is a country where the market is filled four times a year to sell girls. These girls are sold here for weddings. The biggest thing is that the parents here are happy to sell the girls.

At the same time, the surprising thing is that these girls are not happy to be sold in this market and they are happy that we have a better chance to find the right groom through this market. This is the reason behind the market, Ahiya's conservative thinking, this thinking forces girls to sell in the market.

Now you must be wondering how old the girls sold in the markets will be. Girls from the Roma community are expelled from school when menstruation begins. After which their community does not allow them to study, rather they are considered suitable for marriage.

This is the reason why in Bulgaria, young women sold for marriage are mostly minors. Women who want to get married come here on their own, or with their families dressed as brides. Girls want boys here too. In this market, young men and women talk to each other according to their preferences. This discussion includes information related to their occupation, likes and dislikes, family.

For the young men who come here, it is most important for the young woman to be beautiful and to do the housework, while for the young women, the age of the young man is the most important. Looking for a young man who has money and who can give him a good life. Some young women are happy to join.

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