India taught the whole world about surgery, if you read this story you will understand automatically

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Thousands of years ago, some of the great personalities of Ayurveda medicine passed away. There was a great man in our Ayurvedic medicine, whose name was Maharshi Charak. He did most of the research on what diseases are cured by plants or what diseases are cured by the plants of trees. He did most of the research on which diseases are cured by the leaves of trees.

You will be surprised and happy to know that surgery was invented in this country. That is, the whole world learned surgery from India. Britain, France, Garmini learned surgery from here, surgery in America. Then came much later. And Britain learned surgery from India 400 years ago. British doctors coming here and returning after learning surgery.

You will be surprised to hear that 400 years ago very big universities (universities) were conducting surgery in India. Kangra is a place in Himachal Pradesh, it was the largest college of surgery here. There is another place in Bharmour in Himachal Pradesh itself, there was another big center of surgery. A similar third place Kullu was also a big center there. There were 18 such centers in Himachal Pradesh alone. Then there were about one thousand two hundred surgical centers all over India in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. The British came here to learn.

You will be happy to know that there is a very large organization in London. Named Fellow of the Royal Society of London (FRS). The institute was founded by doctors who had learned surgery from India. And many of them have written memoirs.

Memories take matters into their own minds. If you read those memoirs, then the surgery was done on the basis of such high technology. You may be surprised to hear that rhinoplastic lived in this country 400 years ago. Ronoplastic means cutting from any part of the body and attaching it to any part around the nose without even knowing it.

A Colonel Code wrote in an English diary that he had fought with Haider Ali in Karnataka in 1799. Haider Ali defeated him in battle. Haider cut off his nose after defeating Ali. Cutting off the nose is the biggest insult to our country. If Haider Ali hadn't hit him, he could have cut his throat. After the defeat, he cut off his nose and said that you should take it with you now.

The colonel ran to the horse with the severed nose, then someone outside Haider Ali's frontier saw blood dripping from his nose, with the severed nose in his hand. So when asked what happened to him, he did not tell the truth. So he said he was injured. So the person said this is not an injury, this is a sword cut. So the colonel agreed that yes, he was cut by the sword.

The man told Colonel Koot that if you want, we can attach your nose. So Colonel Kute said no one in the whole of England could do this, how would you do it. So he said we could do that very easily. So the operation to connect Colonel Kut's nose was carried out in Belgaum.

He operated for about three and a half hours. His nose was attached, then a lap was applied to it. He was kept there for 15 days. He was given leave after 15 days, 3 months later he arrived in London. So Londoners are surprised that your nose doesn't look cut. He then wrote that this is the marvel of Indian surgery. So Maharshi Shushruk made many efforts for this surgery developed in our country and then this surgery spread in India.

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