The death of Shri Krishna was due to his own son, find out the mysterious story behind it.

Battle of Mahabharata. Mahabharata is a form of war between Kauravas and Pandavas which made the soil of Kurukshetra red.It is said that many people lost their lives in this fierce battle and even today the soil of Kurukshetra where the Mahabharata war was fought is red.


The cause of conflict between cousins ​​is jealousy, greed and arrogance. 100 Kaurava brothers on one side and 5 Pandavas on the other. From Krishna to Bhishma Pitamah, Drona, Shikhandi, all great men took part in this battle.

Veda diameter.
Maharshi Ved Vyas has compiled the story of Mahabharata in 18 parts. The Battle of Kurukshetra is the biggest part of this book, but there is so much left after the battle that it is very important to know about it. The occasion of the death of Lord Krishna and his entry into the river Dwarka is very important.

Mausal festival.

The Mausal Festival is one of the 18 festivals which is a compilation of 8 chapters. The festival describes the demise of the human form of Lord Krishna and the event that took place with his city of Dwarka after his death. Let us know what is hidden in the story of Mausal festival.

The desert of Kurukshetra.
The incident comes 35 years after the Battle of Kurukshetra. Krishna’s city of Dwarka was very quiet and happy, where youth was very common and they all became victims.

The joke of Samba.
Once, Krishna's son Sambhan realized a prank. Disguised as a woman, she went with her friends to meet Vishwamitra, Durvasa, Vasishta and Narad Rushi. They all came to Dwarka to attend a formal meeting with Lord Krishna.

Child gender.

One woman told the Russians that she was pregnant. She tells him what the sex of the baby is in her womb.

The destruction of the empire.

One of them understood the game and became angry and cursed Sambhan that he would give birth to an iron arrow, which would destroy his clan and kingdom.

Suggestion of Ugrasen.

Sambe told Ugrasen all these incidents, Ugras made Sambha a copper arrow powder and told him to flow in Prabhas river, thus he will get rid of the curse. Samba did everything Ugrasen told him to do. At the same time, Ugrasen was also ordered not to produce or distribute any type of narcotics in the Yadav state.

Unfortunate signs.
The people of Dwarka experienced various ominous signs after this incident. Krishna's conch, his chariot and Balarama's hangar disappear, increase in crimes and sins, end of things like shame and embarrassment Sudarshan Chakra. Betrayal by women by their husbands and by their wives by men became a very common occurrence.

The shadow of crime.

Crime, inhumanity and sin were all around. Disrespect of elders and gurus, slander, significant increase in feelings like defilement etc. became the life of the people of Dwarka.

Shri Krishna's trouble.

Seeing all this, Lord Krishna became annoyed and told the people to go to the river bank and travel to get rid of their sins. Everyone did the same. But when all the Yadavs reached the banks of the Prabhas river, all the people went there and made a fuss and became victims. They danced, sang and drank.

Chur Satyaki, intoxicated, approaches Kritavarma and criticizes him for conspiring to kill Ashwatthama and for killing the sleeping soldiers of the Pandava army. The same Kritavarma also started accusing Satyaki. The discussion went on and in the meanwhile Kritavarma was assassinated by Satyaki.

Satyaki and Kritavarma.
Other Yadavs had killed Satyaki on the charge of murdering Kritavarma. When Krishna heard this, he appeared there and took the grass in his hand. This grass turned into a rod through which Lord Krishna punished the criminals.

Mutual conflict.
While drunk, everyone took the grass in their hands and the grass became an iron rod in everyone's hands. Which caused all the people to clash with each other and start hitting each other.

Help Arjun.
All but Vabhru, Daruk and Lord Krishna were killed. Balaram was not part of the disturbance, so he too survived. After a while Vabhru and Balaram also died, then Krishna sent Daruk to the Pandavas and told Arjuna to help him by telling the whole incident.

Death of Shri Krishna.

Daruk left for Indraprastha and later Shri Krishna left his body. The event of Krishna's death is related to the river Prabhas, in which iron powder was poured.

Iron rods.
The iron rod was swallowed by the fish and it went into his stomach and became a piece of metal. A hunter named Ziru caught a fish and spun a piece of metal out of his body to produce an arrow.

Death by arrow.

Krishna sat in the forest and meditated. Ziru thought it was a deer, he shot an arrow at Krishna, which killed Krishna.

Arjun reached Dwarka.

Shortly after, Arjuna reached Dwarka with help and was very saddened by the news of Krishna's death. After Krishna's departure, he had 16000 queens, some women, old men and children left in Dwarka. They all left for Indraprastha.

Forget spells.

But as soon as the people were ready to leave Dwarka, the water level started rising. Malecha and dacoits attacked Dwarka and when Arjuna started giving arms to help them, they forgot all the mantras. The city of Dwarka merged under water.

Yudhisthira was informed of the incident.

Arjuna came to Indraprastha with some queens of Sri Krishna and the rest of the subjects and came back and told Yudhisthira the whole incident.

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