Will allow to move from one district of Gujarat to another

The state government has issued guidelines for moving from one district to another in Gujarat.  According to which if a person wants to go to another district he has to get the permission of Mamlatdar.

He will then undergo a medical screening and checkup.  He will be allowed only if he does not show any symptoms and will have to go to another district and be quarantined for 14 days.

In addition, permission for medical emergencies and those going for government work will continue as usual.  Dealing with masks and social distance must be taken care of.  Apart from this, the instructions given by the Government of India will also have to be followed.

 Permission continues in the green zone
 Permission will not be granted from any red zone area of ​​the state or from the content zone to any other zone.  Adequate permission will be granted in the Green Zone and from the Orange Zone to the Green and Orange Zones of other areas.

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