How To Hide Whatsapp Secret Chats

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 We have a friendlist in our lives with whom we share the secrets of our lives. This secret is often shared through chat. At the same time, we want no one but us to read this secret. We are going to tell you an interesting trick by taking it. Allows you to hide your chat from another person. You can also restore this chat whenever you wish.

How To Hide Whatsapp Secret Chats

Hide Chat Using This Feature

Many of us are unaware of this feature of WhatsApp. You can hide your secret chats using the Archive Chats feature in WhatsApp. Through it your secret chat can be seen on WhatsApp. You can archive both single chat or group chat again.

Hide chat this way 

  • Open WhatsApp to hide secret chat.
  • Now long press whatever chat you want to hide. 
  • After long press, you will see the Archive option at the top. 
  • Now you have to select the Archive option. 
  • Selecting Archive will hide your chat.

This way the chat can be restored 

  • Open Whatsapp to restore chat Then scroll down to the bottom of the chat screen.
  •  Below you will find the Archived option, tap on it. 
  • Long press and hold on Archived and tap on Unarchive icon. 
  • This way you can restore your hidden chats.
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